What to expect next from me!

Hey guys,

For those wondering what i have next up my sleeve, here is the updated list of upcoming releases!

AUGUST 31ST – Crave (full novel inspired by my ebook short story The Dragon Heart Keeper)

OCTOBER 31ST – Molten Heart (Molten Heart Saga #1)

I’ve also got the first 5 books lined up for my 2015 release schedule. They will be:

JANUARY 31ST – The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams (Legend of the Archangel book 4)

MARCH 31st – Second Sight (Adelaide Paige 2)

MAY 31st – The Garden of Fate (The Eden Chronicles #3)

JULY 31st -The Aqua Lie (The Aqua Saga #2)

SEPTEMBER 30 – Wounded Heart (Molten Heart Saga #2)

NOVEMBER 30 – Hunger (Crave #2)

If you’re wondering why i’m not around some days, now you know why!